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Sealing Tape

Corning® Microplate Sealing Tape

  • Easy application and removal for short- and long-term storage
  • Provides tight seal to minimize evaporation and condensation
  • Aluminum sealing tape (Cat. Nos. 6569 and 6570) is suitable for use between -80°C and 150°C, is not transparent, and is pierceable.
  • Breathable sealing tape (Cat. No. 3345) allows gas exchange across the surface.
  • Universal Optical sealing tape (Cat. No. 6575) is suitable for use between -70°C and 100°C, and is transparent.

Choose your specification

Tape Type

  • Aluminum Sealing Tape for 384-well Microplates
  • Aluminum Sealing Tape for 96-well Microplates
  • Breathable
  • Polyethylene
  • Universal Optical
  • Polyester

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