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Transwell, Snapwell™, Netwell®, and Falcon® Permeable Supports

 More scientists reach for our permeable supports than any other research tools of their kind.

As an industry leader and essential tool in the lab for over 25 years, Transwell permeable supports are backed by extensive citations, protocols, and scientific support—all to help create a cell culture that more closely mimics an in vivo environment.

Permeable supports enable life science research and discovery for the study of both anchorage-dependent and independent cell lines. With the recent addition of Falcon® inserts, FluoroBlok™ light-blocking inserts and systems for migration assays, and BioCoat™ ECM-coated inserts for enhanced cell attachment, growth, and differentiation, Corning is now able to offer an even broader line of permeable support research tools for the cell culture laboratory.

Permeable supports come ready to use, pre-packaged in standard multiple well plates. Individual inserts are also available. Include them in your research, and get ready to transform your scientific concepts into life-changing discoveries.

Unique Design Prevents Wicking and Cell Damage

The unique self-centering hanging design of Transwell inserts prevents media from wicking between insert and plate well. It also keeps the membrane just off the well bottom, preventing co-cultured cell monolayers in the lower compartment from being damaged when the insert is moved.

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