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Corning® and Falcon® microplate

Designed to the highest standards to support your drug discovery research, Corning® and Falcon® microplates are ideal for drug discovery applications, including assay prep, assay development, and HTS and automation.

Our microplates and accessories are manufactured under strict process control guaranteeing consistent product performance for your applications. Also available are detailed product descriptions and drawings that highlight product dimensions and testing procedures.

Costar® 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, and 48-well Cell Culture Plates

Corning® 96-well Cell Culture Microplates

Corning® 384-well Cell Culture Microplates

Corning 1536-well Cell Culture Microplates

  • Individual alphanumerical codes for well identification, flat bottoms
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment (except where noted)
  • Corning® CellBIND® surface is a novel cell culture treatment that increases surface wettability for
  • more even and consistent cell attachment.
  • Ultra-Low Attachment surface plates feature a covalently bound hydrogel layer that minimizes cell
  • attachment, protein absorption, and cellular activation.
  • Corning Osteo Assay surface is an inorganic crystalline coating, creating a surface that mimics
  • in vivo bone-like, for in vitro bone cell culture and assays.
  • Sterile
  • Nonpyrogenic

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