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Corning® HYPERFlask

The Corning High Yielding Performance Flask (HYPERFlask) cell culture vessel offers 1720 cm² growth area in the footprint of a traditional 175 cm² flask. This high yield, high-performance flask utilizes a multilayered gas permeable growing surface for efficient gas exchange.

  • Innovative Design – 10 interconnected polystyrene growth surfaces
  • Optimal Growth – Corning CellBIND® Surface treated gas permeable polystyrene for superior cell attachment and growth
  • Increase Cell Yield – 10-fold higher cell yields increases productivity and capacity and reduces processing time and incubator space
  • Save Time and Space – Reduce processing time and incubator storage space by handling one flask as compared to 10 traditional 175 cm² flasks
  • Automation Compatible – Barcoded and compatible
  • with The Automation Partnership SelecT™ and CompacT™ SelecT™ cell culture systems with an upgrade

The Corning HYPERFlask Cell Culture Vessel has the same external dimensions as a standard T 175 cm² flask with 10 times the cell yield.


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