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Pipet Controller

Corning® Pipet controller

This light, ergonomic, motorized pipet controller is designed for use with glass and plastic serological pipets from 0.5 to 100 mL. Conveniently positioned switches to change operating modes and speeds quickly to handle different liquid volumes and various viscosities. Aspirating and dispensing speed is controlled through the finger triggers. When fully charged, the batteries enable up to 8 hours of continuous use. The large LCD display clearly indicates battery status, pipetting mode, and speed. Corning Stripettor Ultra Pipet Controller comes with a universal power supply, three 0.2 µm filters, 3 colored nose pieces and a wall hanger. Four samples of each Shorty Stripette serological pipets (Cat. Nos. 4102 and 4103) are also included.

  • LCD display for continuous visualization of speed, modes, and battery status
  • Colored nose pieces for user or application identification
  • Well-positioned function buttons
  • Accessories: Universal charging adapter, 0.2 µm filter (3), nosepiece (3), wall-mounted holder
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