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Ensure standardized, controlled-rate freezing for all cell types.

Look to Corning® CoolCell® alcohol-free freezing containers, cryogenic vials, and accessories for reproducible, controlled-rate freezing for stem cells, primary cells, cell lines, and more.

Isopropanol (IPA) containers used for cryogenic freezing require costly alcohol replacements every 5 uses, can be cumbersome to handle and may have inconsistent freezing rates. Corning CoolCell is different because it’s a reusable, alcohol-free way to uniformly freeze your cells at a reasonable one-time cost. With CoolCell, you can depend on high reproducibility and high cell viability, to ensure you preserve the most cells possible for your research.

Unique features of controlled-rate freezing with CoolCell include:

  • Ease of use
  • Alcohol and fluid free freezing
  • Lower cost of use than alcohol-based devices
  • High post-thaw recovery and viability
  • Proven reproducibility for a variety of cell types
  • Simple, consistent way to standardize controlled-rate freezing

For permanent sample identification and a reliable chain of custody, use Corning 1D/2D bar coded cryogenic vials featuring synchronized permanent, laser-etched 2D Bar Codes on the bottom of the vial as well as linear Bar Codes on the side of the vial. The vials are made of temperature-resistant polypropylene that can withstand temperatures down to -196°C and are compatible with most scanning and capper/decapper systems.

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