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SRcam-102 5MP 1080P HDMI WiFi Digital Microscope Camera with C-mount


5MP / 1080p 60fps HDMI digital microscope camera with C-mount 
Standalone operation with built-in recording using SD card 
WiFi connectivity for PC control and capture up at 25fps 
Excellent low-light performance. Useful for fluorescence and dark-field. 
User-friendly software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 offers editing/processing and advanced features including Stitching and Focus-stacking

The 5MP 1080P HDMI WiFi Digital microscope camera with C-mount is an HDMI-capable digital camera, delivering 1080p video up to 60fps, and 5MP still images. The highly-sensitive digital sensor makes this camera ideal for low-light applications, including dark-field and fluorescence. Able to be used as a standalone recording device using Secure Digital memory, or as a WiFi camera on a networked computer, this is an extremely flexible imaging solution. The industry-standard C-mount design allows this camera to be connected directly to C-mount photo-ports, or used in conjunction with an array of lenses and adapters to mount to virtually any popular microscope line.

Connected to an HDMI monitor or TV, 1080p live video can be viewed at a super-smooth 60fps. The included USB mouse allows you to make adjustments in the internal software for settings such as white balance and exposure, and control recording functions. As an alternative solution, connect to the camera over WiFi for remote software control, with 25fps streaming. The included Windows software offers image-development and measurement tools, as well as advanced compositing features such as image-stitching and extended-depth-of-focus. With the ability to calibrate scales at multiple magnifications, the software can be used for multi-level inspection. For Mac and Linux, there is a lite version of the software which can capture video and still images, and includes limited processing features.

Camera Specifications: 
Sensor: Sony IMX178 (color) 
Sensor Type: CMOS 
Sensor Size: 1/1.8 class 
Pixel Size: 2.4 
Still Resolution: 5MP 
Video Resolution: 1080p 
Frame Rate: 60fps @ 1920x1080 (HDMI), 25fps @ 1920x1080 (WiFi, SD) 
Sensitivity: 425mV @ 1/30s 
Connectivity: HDMI, WiFi, USB 
Compatibility: Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Linux 
Mounting Sizes: C-mount 
Power: 12V, 1A 
Software Specifications:

OS Requirements: 
Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8+, Linux kernel 3.13+ 
Hardware Requirements: Intel Core2 2.8GHz or comparable processor, 2GB RAM, USB2.0 port 
Advanced software for Windows: 
- offers Stitching, EDF, video recording and measurement functions 
- conducts measurements for lengths, angles, arcs, areas and etc. 
- gives your computer screens the same field of view as your microscope’s eyepiece 
- saves still images in BMP, TIFF, JPG, PICT, PTL or other formats 
- live video and still image capture can be set in different resolutions simultaneously 
More features: add layers, watermarks, mosaics, tiles; adjust color balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, orientation; change resolution, histogram, granulation, diffusion; transform images via edge detection, digital image warping; conducts measurements for single, parallel or perpendicular lines and rectangular, elliptical and irregular areas; adds notes, measurements, text, arrows, labels, and etc. using customizable text with different sizes and colors; conducts measurements in microns, millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, and etc. under any magnification powers with desired tolerances 
Lifetime free software upgrades

One HD Digital Camera 
One USB Mouse 
One USB WiFi Antenna 
One HDMI Cable 
One SD Card 
One Power Adapter 
One CD with Software and User’s Instructions

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