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          ADME-Tox                                                                       ییوراد تاعلاطم

                                                                 لاقتنا و بذج
                     Cell culture and multiwell filter permable support systems          1 .
                                           Pre-coated PAMPA Plate System

                                       ABC and SLC transporter model systems    2 .
                        TransportoCells™ Cryopreserved SLC Transporter Cells
                                              ABC Transporter Membranes
                                                 ABC Transporter Vesicles
                                                          Transporter Kits
                               Transporter-qualified Human CryoHepatocytes
                                   Control and P-gp Expressing Cells LLC-PK1

                                    Chemicals for measuring transporter activity    3 .

                         Recombinant metabolic enzymes, Cofactors, and Buffers    1 .
                                           Supersomes Metabolic Enzymes
                                            Controls, Cofactors, and Buffers

                                                      Inhibition Kits HTS P450    2 .
                                       inhibition Screening Kits Human P450

                 Chemical  Substrates,  Inhibitors,  Metabolite  Standards,  and    3 .
                    Stable Isotope Standards for use with Mass Spectrometry
                    Fluorescent-labeled Substrates, Metabolites, and Inhibitors
                             Unlabeled Substrates, Metabolites, and Inhibitors
                                                             Tissue Fractions    4 .
                           Human Liver Microsome Tissue Fraction Products
                                      Animal Liver Tissue Fraction Products

                                                     Primary Hepatocyte Cells    5 .
                                                  Human CryoHepatocytes
                                                  Animal CryoHepatocytes
                                           Products for Hepatocyte Culture

                                             Antibodies for Metabolic Enzymes    6 .


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